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Medium Roasted Favorites

Medium Roasted Favorites

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The most 🙌🏿popular roast for coffee is a "medium roast". More then 50% of coffee drinkers say they like and drink "medium roast". 

Medium roast coffees are equally good choices for both the "black" and the "cream-and-sugar" coffee-drinker.

If you are choosing coffee for a gift, the "medium roast" is an excellent choice.

☕ Our most popular 100% Arabica coffee beans are Columbian, Costa Rican, Guatemala, and Sumatra. If you would like to experience a variety of flavors this bundle is the perfect choice.

Another reason you are going to enjoy Bean Nation Coffee beans is the beans we source are from Premium Estates as opposed to regional blends.

What that means is that all beans are sourced from 👩🏿‍🌾 one farm instead of just a collection of farms in that region. So, you will get a consistency in the flavor of the beans and this makes it much easier for you to hone in on a favorite and know what to expect with you place an order.

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