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The Master Roaster Story

Thanks for being here on our site with us today...

We do not believe you are here by accident, but that this moment is on purpose!

At Bean Nation, we celebrate life as a journey that is most enjoyable with friendships, family and great coffee! ;-)

  We are Mark & Lisa Tapp, owners & founders of Bean Nation Coffee. This has been a long time in coming and is truly a labor of love for us.

Bean Nation Coffee has been in Mark's spirit for many years. In 2008, not long after we met and married, we started a storefront coffeehouse, and it was not a great financial investment.

Although that shop closed, to us, the purpose of the shop was always much more than retail sales of coffee,

and that dream and purpose continued to live on in Mark's heart.

 Since even before Mark and Lisa met, God birthed in Mark the idea that coffee was more about the relationships it creates than anything else.

Mark says his most memorable moments with coffee have been when he sat with God, "The Master Roaster" reading his Bible and when he shared a cup with friends.

This is the entire purpose of Bean Nation Coffee and the Bean Amigos...

To encourage others to have these same great experiences and use coffee to build a stronger and better tomorrow.  In the Bean Nation Coffeehouse Community, Mark and Lisa also extend a hand of acceptance and friendhship, and are willing to make an introduction to The Master Roaster to those who might not have met him, but want to....

One night not long ago, Mark had a vivid dream,

where God showed him a story about a farmer and coffee....

Here's a short version:
(1) A farmer plants and is care-taker of the coffee trees making sure the right amount of light and living water is applied.
(The beans come from many different origins)
(2) The coffee cherry is hand-picked wiith care by the farmer when it is ready.
(3) The cherries are taken to be husked and washed.
(it is like a second-birth for the coffee bean)
(4) The beans are now handed-off to the Master Roaster,
and he determines the time and temperature of each roasted bean
(creating its unique flavor).
(5) During the roast all beans get cracks.
The light and medium roasts are pulled after one crack.
The darker roasts go through two cracks.
Then God said, "Mark, I am The Master Roaster!"


It was a night and moment that has forever changed the course of

Bean Nation Coffee!

For, it is through their cracks and the origins of the beans
where their flavors differ...
Yet, ultimately, The Master Roaster, is the Creator of Purpose
of every bean and determines whether it is a
Light Roast, Medium, or Dark Roast.
The Master Roaster has a perfect plan for every bean
and when the beans trust in The Master Roaster,
He can assure they all will be made perfect
in their crowning moment for consumption!
Bean Nation has a mission
to point human beans to The Master Roaster,
believing it is through the Master Roaster
we all find our perfect plan and purpose in life.
 We welcome you and invite you to join us on the journey!


You don't have to drink our coffee or wear our merchandise to be a part of this community.  We encourage it :) cause it does help us keep it all going... 

  The most important thing is for you to stop, breath, and get life and purpose from spending moments with The Master Roaster and building new friendships.

Mark & Lisa


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