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The Bean Nation Story

Bean Nation is a family-owned company birthed out of the heart and mind of 
The Master Roaster.  
Our coffee is sourced from the highest-quality farms around the world and roasted fresh when you order.  Bean Nation is not just a coffee company committed to providing great quality coffee.
We are on a mission to create a movement – the “Bean Nation Movement”


Our vision is to come together with other people (human beans) who desire to positively impact humanity through the power of person-to-person and heart-to-heart kinship using coffee, storytelling, music and humor.  

During a roast, all beans get cracks, just like people get cracks in life. In the Bean Nation Coffeehouse Community, we are determined not to focus on each other's cracks, but to purposefully encourage each other to intentionally celebrate each human bean’s unique profile and flavors.

Together, we are committed to inspiring human beans from all origins to
“Bean All That You Can Be”,
so we affect positive change in our world and enjoy life together….
One Cup At a Time!
We welcome you and invite you to join the Bean Nation Movement and become a part of our Bean Nation Coffeehouse Community! 
We promise it will be an adventure, and we hope you come along!!